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Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing Solutions

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On-staff plumbers experienced with line repair, irrigation system repair, toilet replacement, and much more.
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Retrofitting services to increase kitchen efficiency and ensure compliance with local ordinances.
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Unique and innovative solutions that save customers time and money.
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24/7 emergency response time.

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Commercial kitchens are unlike residential kitchens and unfortunately, most plumbing companies spend a vast majority of their time working on residential plumbing services. Southwaste exclusively serves restaurants, convenience stores, and other foodservice establishments. This gives our plumbers the right kind of experience for your business, helping them to efficiently and effectively serve you.


Southwaste understands and works with fixtures found in commercial kitchens and industrial food prep and processing operations every day. We know how to troubleshoot issues with 3-compartment sinks, commercial dishwashers, washdown nozzles, mop sinks, grease traps, and other equipment found in commercial facilities that are not used in residential applications. We can even source them when they need to be replaced.


If you need a retrofit, this is one area where we excel in our industry and will help you find the right solution. Southwaste can handle repairing, relocating, or replacing a grease trap. One of our recent projects required us to tunnel under buildings to access lines that have been buried. There are no limitations to what we can do. We often solve problems in an innovative way that saves our customers money.

Plumbing Services

Our highly-trained and experienced plumbers specialize in a variety of commercial plumbing repair services.

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Line Excavation & Repair

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Hydro Jetting, Augering, and Line Televising

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Lift Station Maintenance Installation, and Repair

icon vent

Vent Line Installation and Repair

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Odor Issue Troubleshooting and Repair

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Grease Trap and Septic System Installation and Repair

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Toilet and Urinal Replacement and Repair

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Irrigation System Repair

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Backflow Preventer Certification and Repair

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Why Should I Look to Southwaste for My Commercial Plumbing Needs?

Southwaste provides impeccable results to the foodservice industry due to our experience with a variety of fixtures found in restaurant kitchens. We primarily focus on foodservice and processing applications, while other companies/plumbers lack commercial kitchen experience and could provide costly misdiagnoses.


Being a full-service provider, Southwaste understands that a grease trap is rarely the culprit when a backup occurs, but If it is, we have equipped technicians ready to resolve the issue. The majority of the time the line backup will be caused by something else. Our team can diagnose the problem and clear the clogs quickly, efficiently, and discreetly.


Southwaste takes pride in being a single-solution provider by handling all issues in house. Our experience with commercial kitchen plumbing repairs assists with clearing your lines both quickly and in the most cost-effective way as possible.


A Southwaste team member can recommend a maintenance solution that mitigates future clogs from forming.

Give us a call, and we will get to work resolving your plumbing issue so you can get back to business.

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