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US Composting Council Approved Compost

Southwaste Disposal’s large-scale composting operation, based out of San Antonio, Texas, is approved for nearly all commercial purposes, including retaining wall construction, field leveling, roadside grading, and lot backfills.


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Lawn – Ranching applications, Department of Transportation Roadside projects, and Commercial Landscaping applications
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Trees & Shrubs – Commercial Landscaping applications, Commercial Growing Operations such as nurseries and tree farms, Department of Transportation Roadside projects & More
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Flowers & Vegetable – Farming applications, Department of Transportation projects & More Applications

Tested. Certified. Compost in San Antonio

Southwaste is proud to be able to recycle waste into usable compost that is certified by the US Composting Council’s definition of compost and meets the rigorous standards required to carry the Seal of Testing Assurance. To stay in compliance, this requires that Southwaste’s compost undergoes frequent and rigorous testing by third party labs to ensure that our compost meets all EPA requirements for heavy metals and pathogens.


In addition to meeting the strict standards set by the US Composting Council, Southwaste Disposal’s compost is screened down to 1/2″ and is fully approved for use in TXDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) applications.

Why should I Use Southwaste Compost?

Compost has been studied for years by agriculture and horticulture professionals and has been shown to have a multitude of benefits across varying applications. Southwaste compost is approved by the US Composting Council’s for lawns, shrubs, trees as well as vegetable and flowers.


Application of compost aids in soil retention in a multitude of ways. Compost has demonstrable improvements for moisture retention. By improving moisture, our customers are able to reduce water loss, nutrient leaching, and prevent unnecessary and wasteful soil runoff. Preventing runoff allows for large scale growing and landscaping organizations to retain precious water and soil nutrients.


In addition to retaining soil and water, the supply of organic matter provided by compost aids in the proliferation of soil microbes and beneficial microorganisms that can encourage root growth of plants. Compost is able to improve soil aggregation and likely makes plants more able to uptake nutrients. Certified compost could lead to larger yield and more effective plant growth for large scale horticultural and agricultural ventures.


Composting things that otherwise could have ended up in a landfill also helps to preserve the environment by keeping waste out of our landfills and instead adding valuable nutrients to soil and plants. Adding valuable compost to landscapes also preserves water and decreases fertilizer applications in a way that can help preserve our natural environment.

  • Where can I get Southwaste Disposal’s certified compost?


    Right now, our San Antonio Elmendorf location is the only place to acquire Southwaste Disposal compost.

    20805 Lamm Rd.
    Elmendorf, TX. 78112
    Phone: (210) 621-2411
    Fax: (210) 621-2456

  • What type of compost does Southwaste Disposal make?


    Southwaste compost is made from biosolids derived from wastewater sludge and yard waste.

  • Can I have Southwaste Disposal compost delivered?


    Delivery of bulk orders can be arranged for a fee.

  • Do I need to schedule a time to pick up my compost?


    Yes. For the ease of our facility, we ask that our compost customers call in advance to coordinate compost pickup so that we can ensure availability and staff.

  • Is there a minimum order?


    Yes. The minimum compost order for Southwaste Disposal’s compost is 5 cubic yards

  • Do you supply residential customers?


    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer compost to residential customers at this time.

  • Are there volume discounts on Southwaste compost?


    Yes! Please contact us via our quick form to find out more about our volume discounts.

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