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Effective Grease Trap Repair Solutions

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Trained technicians with experience repairing and replacing plumbing appurtenances in a commercial kitchen environment.
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TrapRenew to prevent a total grease trap replacement.
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Equipment, team, and training procedures to perform a confined space entry.
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24/7 emergency response.

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Grease traps don’t last forever, but they can be restored with the help of the expert technicians at Southwaste. With a proven process, specialty equipment, and a skilled team of grease trap technicians, we will restore your grease trap to proper working order so your kitchen stays running smoothly.

In addition to renewing traps that have deteriorated, Southwaste can repair and replace plumbing appurtenances, such as crossovers, inlet and outlet elbows, flow diverters, sample ports, and cleanout caps. We offer a wide variety of grease trap repair services to ensure your grease trap operates as it should.

When you use our grease trap repair or restoration services, we will let you know what is broken, what can happen when an internal part of your trap is broken, and what it will cost to repair the trap. When it comes to grease trap repair, a general plumber will not have the experience and training needed to resolve the issue as we can.

We understand the unique needs of a high-volume restaurant or commercial kitchen.

The TrapRenew Process

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Empty the contents of the trap using a vacuum truck, which stays for the duration of the job.

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Perform a confined space entry of the trap with licensed and trained technicians and atmosphere monitoring equipment.


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Thoroughly power wash the walls to improve adherence of the concrete and sealant.


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Fill in all holes with hydraulic cement.


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Layer the walls and floor of the trap with two 3/8″ layers of a proprietary pH-resistant sealant mixture.


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Refill the trap so that the cement and sealant can cure.


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Trap Repair – before TrapRenew.

Note the exposed rebar.

Trap Repair - Secondary Outgoing Before
icon grease trap repair

Trap Repair – after TrapRenew.

The coating on the wall will protect the trap walls for years.

Trap Repair - Secondary Outgoing After

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How Can Southwaste Fix My Grease Trap When It Deteriorates?

If you can catch the problem before the rebar pulls away from the eroded surface of the concrete, Southwaste can perform a TrapRenew. During the TrapRenew process, holes are plugged and the entire surface of the trap is coated with a pH-resistant mixture, prolonging the life of your trap.

Southwaste has customers with TrapRenews that have held up for 10 years. A recoat will cost you far less than installing a new trap and can typically be done overnight so as not to interfere with your operations. A trap replacement, on the other hand, usually takes a week or more.

Please be mindful that if you wait too long before TrapRenew, the procedure will not be possible, and you will need to install a new trap, so you are better off catching this early.

Give us a call today to get your grease trap working as well it did the day it was installed.

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