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Grit Trap Cleaning and Pumping

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Highly-trained technicians, modern pumper trucks, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
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We understand the unique properties of grit and can tailor a maintenance plan that keeps your car wash grit trap clean. We also service lint traps.
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Proper waste collection, treatment, and removal to ensure you remain compliant with all local ordinances and are acting in an environmentally-friendly way.
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24/7 response time and emergency services for customers on a service cycle.

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If you own a car wash, you probably know that grit solids can quickly become a problem. Grit traps (also referred to as “sand traps”) help separate these elements from wastewater so the water can safely flow into the sewer system. Grit traps are found in car washes as well as car dealerships, auto shops, and paint and body shops that have a car wash.


Trap clogs from grit accumulation are problematic as they could cause an overflow in the facility and cause the public to come into contact with unsanitary waste. This can be costly to fix, and you could potentially face fines and other penalties that will affect your operations as well as your reputation.


Lint trap clogs are also something we can address for hospitals, hotels, and other organizations that require commercial dryers to maintain their operations. Our team will get to work to remove the clog before it causes a fire or clogs your plumbing.


When you need help with your grit or lint traps, you need a reputable waste removal team to take charge of the situation. You need Southwaste!


If you have a car wash or lint traps in your hotel or hospital, it’s crucial to have a regular cleaning regimen in place. At Southwaste, we offer grit cleaning and maintenance services that ensure you remain compliant with your local laws regarding waste collection, treatment, and disposal.


We also provide 24/7 emergency services for customers who are signed up for our routine service cycle.

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Do I Really Need to Be on a Grit Trap Service Cycle?

It might be tempting to wait until the last minute before you seek out grit trap service. You might think that you’re saving money because you’re not paying for a regular cycle and you won’t need to pay to have water hauled off as the trap accumulates more grit. However, we would caution you against this temptation for several reasons


  •   1) If you do have an emergency, you will have to wait as customers on a cycle are prioritized over customers who aren’t, putting you at risk of experiencing a suspension of operations, incurring penalties, etc.

  •   2) Waiting too long between services could cause the trap to accumulate heavy solids that would need to be effectively broken up using a high powered hydro-jetting machine that requires additional labor and equipment plus extra fees.


The end result is that car washes who are on a regular cycle for their grit trap often pay the same or less over the course of a year as they don’t have to worry about additional charges, penalties, and potential closure.


From compliance to peace of mind, it just makes business sense to be on a regular cycle. Give us a call to learn more about our service cycle programs.


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Give us a call to set-up service or schedule a routine maintenance service plan to help you stay compliant thus avoiding penalties or interrupted business.

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