Efficient Waste Management Solutions for Food & Beverage Processors

Mitigating Backups and Overflows that Threaten Food & Beverage Processing Plants

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Optimized maintenance cycles to prevent issues and identify problems.
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24/7 emergency response for overflows and sewage backups.
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Compliance assistance for local, state, and federal laws.
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Experienced technicians, a diverse fleet of trucks, and specialized equipment and services to handle most jobs.

From the Drain to the Main

At Southwaste, we handle grease interceptor maintenance and repair, liquid waste disposal, plumbing problems, and more. We pride ourselves as a one-stop-shop that can find solutions quickly and resolve the issue the first time. We have worked with food and beverage processing facilities of all sizes, and we do everything possible to do right by our customers.


Food Processing


Wastewater filled with fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that go down the drain during processing can solidify and coat your pipes, which will cause a sewage backup. This is why municipalities mandate that food processors install grease interceptors to prevent solid waste from entering the sewer system.


When working correctly, grease interceptors mitigate overflows and contamination, but they must be serviced and pumped regularly. We can design a maintenance cycle that ensures your grease interceptor is pumped, cleaned, and inspected for optimal sanitation.


Beverage Processing


From sports drinks and juices to soft drinks and beer, there are many different processing methods to ensure quality and minimize spoilage. However, these processes can produce hardened solids that need to be broken up, so they don’t clog the plumbing system.


When left untreated, this could lead to costly fines, operation shutdown, and other consequences that could affect your bottom line and branding. At Southwaste, we have the equipment and experience to hydro jet these solids, so they break down and can be safely removed in chunks.


Emergency Response


Do you have an emergency and need help? Give us a call, and our team will get out to you as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and identify a solution. We offer emergency response services as well as maintenance cycles designed to keep you up to code and able to maintain operations without worrying that your grease interceptor will overflow.


We will earn your trust and ensure you are happy with the services we provide.

Our Services

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The Green Way to Remove Waste from Your Facility

As more and more customers desire a sustainable way to dispose of their waste, we have implemented policies and procedures that ensure we are doing what’s best for our customers as well as the environment. We are excited about the present and future because new technologies are making it possible to do things that wouldn’t have been imagined a decade ago.


In addition to collecting your brown grease and other solids from your grease interceptor, we will transport your wastewater to facilities that process and reuse it for compost and other applications. We will do everything possible to divert your waste from the landfill and apply it to waste-to-energy initiatives. If we cannot accomplish this, we will transport it to the appropriate landfill.


At Southwaste, we are stewards of the environment and take sustainability as seriously as we take customer service and compliance. We strive to maintain excellence in all areas of material handling. We will continue to assess our services and alternative technologies to avoid chemical usage and seek new efficient ways to handle your waste.

Stay in Compliance and Avoid Costly Fines

There are strict rules and regulations in the books to prevent grease, crystallized materials, and other solids from going down the drain and into the public sewer system. They also protect against overflows that could potentially contaminate food produced in the facility. Enforcement officers could levy fines and even shut you down if they find you aren’t in compliance.


With decades of experience under our belts, we maintain relationships with enforcement officers and stay updated on all local ordinances and laws concerning food and beverage processors. We develop routine maintenance cycles designed to keep you in compliance and avoid penalties or branding issues that could manifest from a recall. We also maintain electronic records of all the services we provide to our customers to ensure they can give these to enforcement officers if asked.


Give us a call today to discuss maintenance options for your grease interceptor.

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