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Grit Trap Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

May 2, 2023

Sand and grit traps are commonly used at car washes and car dealerships. When vehicles are washed, the dirt and debris that comes off of them is captured in a sand or grit trap. These businesses need to hire a waste management company to clean out and dispose of any dirt these traps may hold. Read More

BOD Surcharges & Your Water Bill

January 10, 2023

BOD and TSS surcharges are often an expensive and unexpected part of running a commercial kitchen. Learn why these surcharges arise and how to prevent them with effective kitchen practices. Read More

Unexpected Things That Might Damage Your Plumbing System

December 6, 2022

If your grease trap malfunctions or fails, you could be in for a big mess - and a hefty fine. This blog discusses when to repair your grease trap; and when it's time for a replacement. Read More