An effective service provider relationship relies on open communication. As such, Southwaste seeks to make communication a seamless function in our day-to-day relationship. Through a user-friendly web site, offering customers the opportunity to view all their records and service schedules as well as periodic contact to advise customers on matters such as service issues, regulatory changes and scheduling solutions, Southwaste goes the extra mile in customer communication. 


Emergency Service

Southwaste is here to assist you in addressing your trap and sewer cleaning needs.

For assistance during normal working hours (8 AM to 5 PM local time), please call your nearest Service Center which can be found under the Location tab.

For after- hours emergency service, please call our toll free emergency dispatch at 1-866-413-9494.



Safety is more than a goal; it's a fundamental business ethic. Through a rigorous hiring process, comprehensive training and continuing education, Southwaste's focus is to put the most highly qualified, trained and motivated personnel in the field as possible. From driving skills to equipment operation and service techniques, our personnel are trained to both foster and operate in the safest manner and environment possible. Our equipment receives regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Each technician is an expert in the operation of the equipment they use. Every truck is equipped with all necessary safety equipment and personnel have received extensive training in both the set-up and removal of equipment at the job site.



The Compliance responsibility assumed by Southwaste encompasses both the Company's operations as well as that of our customers. The regulatory environment is growing more stringent by the day. Southwaste welcomes this level of oversight to ensure that our industry is made up of only quality operators that adhere to all governmental regulations and mandates.

Throughout the year and on a regular basis, Southwaste is subject to regulatory inspections, registrations and renewals. All of our operations, including both collection and disposal, are subject to rigorous oversight at the local, state and federal level. Because of our focus on Compliance, Southwaste has maintained an excellent Compliance history and is considered an industry leader in the area of Compliance.

Just as we take our own Compliance seriously, we treat our customer's Compliance in the highest regard. With issues such as timeliness of service, chain of custody and record keeping, we are focused to ensure that our customers steer clear of any regulatory sanctions.

Contact Information

16350 Park Ten Place , Suite 215
Houston TX 77084

(713) 413-9400
(866) 413-9494

(713) 413-4179

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Our Service Areas

Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas, & also Orlando and the Central Florida area.


We provide 24 hour service.

For assistance during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00PM local time).

Please contact a service center in your area.

For after hours emergency service, please call our toll free emergency dispatch at 1-866-413-9494.